About Us

We take pride in the experience and commitment of our staff.  We work very hard to please our customers on a day-to-day basis.



  • We hold integrity, quality service, reliability and responsibility to high premium.
  • Respect other people’s opinion
  • Take responsibility for our action
  • Take ownership of what we say and do.

Personal development

BeeRain will continue to support workers’ Family, Research, training, Career, Goals, Health, Aspirations and Social needs with the available resources.


  • Everyone is a synergistic partner to one another.
  • Support one another and work cooperatively.
  • Respect and value other people’s views.
  • Reward teamwork.
  • Fun, enjoyable and easy going working environment.
  • No one is left behind.


  • Understand the requirements, needs, and expectations of customers.
  • Efficiently meet customer's or agreed deadlines.
  • Good customer service implies every customer deserves our timeliness, responsiveness, being proactive in meeting customer needs.


Good is not enough.  We strive to exceed expectations and continually raise the bar for excellence, quality, creativity and innovation, self-awareness, honesty and commitment. We are driven by success in all we do. We continually put our knowledge and expertise to the test as we strive to exceed the expectations of our customers, our leadership and workforce.

Ownership & Accountability

Each BeeRain employee assumes the responsibility to contribute towards the safe, effective and efficient delivery of services to our customers. For our employees, accountability means that each individual is assessed on how well or effectively he or she carried out assigned duties. We strive to keep our promises and always take responsibility for our actions or inactions.



To use our brand name to bring passion, love, innovation, professionalism and great tasting food to our stakeholders.

To consistently provide differentiated, high quality and good tasting baked and packaged foods, as we strive to increase the number of people who enjoy our brand name products in the communities in which we operate.



BeeRain is committed to continuous quality improvements. We aim to deliver the best possible standards of products and services. In order to provide our customers with unquestionably reliable products, all our product processes are monitored from start to finish, meeting the highest quality. We also guarantee on-time delivery of products and services to our customers.



Friendship Chin Chin

Friendship Chin Chin

Friendship Whole Oat Flour

Oat Flour (2kg)

Friendship Bread

BeeRain’s breads are outstanding as a result of its uniqueness and quality.  This outstanding appearance, coupled with the distinct taste emanating from the “Friendship” signature is our heritage and pride.  Most of the breads will be tailored towards the Nigerian style as BeeRain reflects the rare tropical touch with an African delight.  BeeRain proudly refers to this African delight in the slogan – The Afrizontal Delight!

BeeRain’s Continuous Improvement Program (CIP) ensures that new products lines are developed on a regular basis to meet the needs of every customer.  Our research and development efforts focuses on creating products that are not only nutritious but also with extended shelf life.  The object is to utilize locally sourced ingredients to create fat-free and cholesterol free products while preserving the sensual, toothsome and filling desires of the consumer.